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Stylecraft Special WYS BFL Prints 17200916_1049663558470928_6146657109263792565_n King Cole Splash 26240552_1311963428907605_203853486206059457_o

100% Polyester

200g Balls

100% Acrylic

100g Balls

50 Shades to choose from

West Yorkshire Spinners, Blue Faced Leicester wool; Bird Prints D.K.

100% Wool

100g Balls

WYS Bo Peep

Luxury Baby D.K

52% Falkland Wool, 48% Nylon

50g Balls

King Cole Tufty

Stylecraft Special D.K.

100% Acrylic

100g Balls

Self striping double knit.

King Cole Splash

Free Pattern with yarn

100g Balls


King Cole Zig Zag 4ply

We have a wide selection of yarn available from: Stylecraft, King Cole, West Yorkshire Spinners, Wendy, and Adriafil.  Here is just a small selection of our yarn...